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Sivakasi guns for online fireworks

Great Splendor, Cheers, Mumbai by Night, Sensation, Platinum Rain are the latest Diwali arrivals of crackers for purchase online for this year, which is expected give a moral boost to the crisis-ridden fireworks industry in Sivakasi and Virudhunagar districts of Tamil Nadu, the country’s nerve centre of the business. Of late, the cracker industry is losing its local light and sound in the country due to an influx of Chinese fireworks which reportedly contain highly combustible chemicals, which perhaps emit instant sparks.

As the latest online cracker stores is proving to be a hit among the consumers especially among youngsters, many firecracker retailers, based in the state and in the capital Chennai, have already received huge purchase orders from various cities in the country including neighbouring Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Apart from Sivakasi and Virudhunagar districts of Tamil Nadu, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Pudukottai, Dharmapuri, Tuticorin and Salem too make up India’s epicentre of cracker manufacturers producing 90 per cent of the country’s requirement, every year. They sell 80 per cent of the total production to other states. Since transport of crackers through postal and courier services is strictly prohibited, online sellers use their own vehicles to deliver the products on time.

Last year, cracker sales were about Rs 5,000 crore, and this time, it is expected to increase by more than 10 per cent due to the online initiative, A Asaithambi, senior advisory committee member, Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers’ Association, told.

Giving justification to his claim, Asaithambi asserted that the intrusion of Chinese fireworks will not be there in online cracker sales. According to him, in the recent past, cracker producers in Tamil Nadu have come up with a unique idea by setting up online stores to avoid the troubles in setting up a physical shop, since it requires several stringent norms and formalities.

Stating that online purchase is just like any other eCommerce website, Asaithambi said that purchase of crackers online does not involve any risk, since the delivery is done by the retailers.

Every day, the website logs more than 8,000 people visits. Today, the cracker industry in both Sivakasi and Virudhunagar is estimated to be worth around Rs 2,500 crore.

source: Deccanherald image courtesy: Arasanwetwo

Illegal import of Chinese fireworks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is extensively promoting his 'Make in India' campaign but workers at Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu want him to invest in the project more. For more than 70 years, the small town of Sivakasi has been manufacturing fireworks but the illegal import of Chinese fireworks is threatening not just the livelihood of lakhs of workers but also the industry as a whole.

Around 200 containers of illegal Chinese fireworks worth Rs 400 crore were smuggled into the country in 2014 resulting in number of orders going down and nearly a 100 factories out of the 800 are now up for sale.

Deepak Amarnath, Partner at The Ravindra Fireworks, said, there are smaller units in Sivakasi that are basically run by the advanced paid by the people who buy fireworks from them. They are hesitant to pay them. So they can't run their business without the money coming into Sivakasi. Nothing has shut down yet. So people are slowing down the production rate. My company is 10 to 15 per cent down in production rate. Whereas another company would be 50 to 60 per cent down in production rate.

Though the import, possession and sale of foreign origin fireworks is illegal in India as per the 2008 Explosives Act, manufacturers say the Central and state governments are just not doing enough to check smuggling .

G Abiruben, TANFAMA President, said, Nobody has been booked under this illegal possession as yet. Only if people are booked will people understand this is a crime. And that is going to spread. Under the law if illegally smuggled fireworks is seized it has to be destroyed. No case of destruction has happened today so the material is actually lying somewhere which is not safe or being sold off due to some other process.

One of the primary reasons manufacturers from Sivakasi are simply unable to compete with Chinese fireworks is because of the huge price difference.Traditionally fireworks made in China are more dangerous since they use potassium chlorate, a chemical banned in India. Sivakasi uses potassium nitrate and aluminium powder which is safer but more expensive.

Rajasingh Chelladurai, Jumbo Fireworks Director, said, the cost factor is one thing and the raw material is other and when it goes for sale there is also central excise duty and the local taxes and all these add up the cost to the dealer. So naturally, he has to keep his profit. So when it reaches the consumer, it becomes very high.

Though china is the biggest producer and exporter of fire works, Sivakasi had so far had held off the Chinese invasion. Now the industry says if they are to survive they will need Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make some investments in his 'Make in India' dream.

Industries in Sivakasi, Sivakasi Industries, Manufacturers in Sivakasi

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India optly nick named Sivakasi as "Mini Japan". Because of hard working people. Sivakasi is a big industrial center in Virudhunagar district of Tamilnadu state in India and well known all over India for its fire works, safety matches and printing. Sivakasi is one of the highest Sales / Excise / Customs Duty paying towns in India. India's offset printing solutions is produced in Sivakasi.

Economy of Sivakasi is mainly depend on fire crackers, match manufacturing and printing. The town has 520 registered printing industries, 53 match factories, 32 chemical factories, seven soda factories, four flour mills and two rice and oil mills. In Sivakasi 70% of firecrackers and safety matches are produced in that place for their country, printing industries in Sivakasi produced 30% of diaries in India. Match industries and printing industries in this will earn nearly Rs. 20 billion.

Sivakasi has a dry weather, making it suitable for dry crops like cotton, pulses, oil seed chillies, black gram, green gram, maize and millets, which do not require much irrigation. The soils of the District are of poor productivity and are mainly black loamy soil (Karisal). The area under cultivation accounts for 37% of the total geographic area. Agriculture provides sustenance to 52% of the working population.

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Manufacturers Sivakasi, Sivakasi Manufacturers, Manufacturing Industries in Sivakasi

Sivakasi is also known as mini Japan. Sivakasi is a town in virudhunagar district in Tamilnadu where Crops like cotton, chillies and millets are made because of its dry weather. Sivakasi manufacturers are well known for crackers, matchbox and the stationeries like calendar, diary and notebook. The festivals, marriages and the special occasions are fulfilled with the crackers of Sivakasi. The manufacturers of Sivakasi are well talented, innovative and first rated in their manufacturing.

Besides, the notebook manufacturers have also registered their trends in the manufacturing of notebooks. The notebooks from Sivakasi are noted for its quality. They are well ahead with other qualities. The best exampleas are Roja notebooks, Student notebooks, Classmate notebooks,Chima Noteboks etc..The main reason for the export of these notebooks is the fine and first rated paper qualities.

Similarly, the Diary Manufacturers from Sivakasi have also regeistered their trademarks.We cannot stop this blog without giving a brief of the matchbox manufacturers in Sivakasi. As a key fact, that the Crackers manufacturers are entirely established in Sivakasi, in a same way the matchbox manufacturers are. The matchbox manufacturers are wide spreaded and they are known for its registered trademark. 

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